Easy sleep

Nukunuku is an app designed to help your child calm down. It lets you relax while your child falls gently asleep.

Nukunuku is built for sleep.

We are parents too. Lack of sleep for us and lots and lots of crying for the babies left us feeling there needs to be some sort of solution. We couldn't find one, so we built it!

Nukunuku features:
- Soothing music to fall asleep to
- Ambient noise machine
- Bedtime stories
- You can set a timeout to play for example 30 minutes, and then fall silent
- Cry sensor to continue after a timeout

Calm babies,
well rested parents.

Nukunuku helps the child calm down through a combination of calming music, a noise machine and bedtime stories. It helps when they need to fall asleep, but it also shows them that they are capable of calming down - this has many benefits during the day too.

Professional calming

Nukunuku is updated with custom made content for calming down and falling asleep. The music and stories can't be found anywhere else, only on Nukunuku.

Get Nukunuku on iOS or Android

To support the artists the subscription to some app content will be priced 5.99€/month in the future, but you can try it now for free!

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